Worm Game

In the Worm Game, you are a small worm who needs to eat apples so that someday you can become a big worm. Everytime you eat an apple, you grow by another wormy segment. The apples can be tricky to get to sometimes because your worm will have trouble taking tight turns. The real trick is that your small worm becomes just a little bigger with every apple he eats and, since you can't eat yourself, you'll have to be extra careful when taking turns. If you do happen to eat part of yourself, it's game over. The crazy tune that plays in the background will keep you motivated to keep eating those small apples. Unlike the Snake Game, there is a huge difference in Worm Game that makes it both easier and more fun to play (in my opinion). That is that the game wraps so you can exit off the right side and reappear on the left for example. Use this trick to your advantage as much as you can because when you get REALLY BIG, it'll be tough to avoid eating yourself.

[ Arrows: Move Worm - Careful If You Eat Yourself, You Die! ]

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